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To collect, preserve, organize and display items and information that portray the
 growth of Alcoholics Anonymous and celebrate the recovery of many thousands of
 the men and women of AA in the North San Diego County Area.
Every effort will be made to balance the objectives of gathering and presenting the
material collected with the need to avoid creation of myth or distiortion of facts.
We would like to create an archive of materials, to be
avaiable for review at Central Office in physical and digital formats.  We also plan to
bring the ditital archive, in the form of a slide show presientation to your group
upon request.
The plan, initially, is to include the following items in the archive:
*    The History of North County Intergroup Formation
*	The Articles of Incorporation
*	Intergroup Events / Flyers & Recordings
	o	Traditions Breakfast
	o	Anniversary Meeting 
*	The Viewpoint / Monthly Intergroup Newsletters
*	Group and District Events / Flyers & Recordings
*	Group History Forms
*	Oral History Recordings from Meeting Founders
We will need, volunteers on an ongoing basis, to
organize the existing holdings and incorporate new items as they arrive.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A COMPUTER WHIZ to help in this effort.
Status 10-23-2016:  The Archive Committee was created in Mid-2016, and
as such, is still in the formative stages. Several members have already expressed
interest in serving on the committee.  Next, after further discussion with the
volunteers, the committee will establish a regular monthly meeting place and time
to be announced at upcoming intergroup meetings and published in the Viewpoint
Archives Committee Chair
Ken G. 760-504-5707

To provide your Group's history click HERE 
for the "North San Diego County Group History Form".

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